Declaration of policy and objectives of the company

of "AC - DC" OOD Manager
on policy and quality objectives, environment, health and safety at work


"AC - DC" OOD is an organization with established experience and established managing, financial and manufacturing capabilities, with the clear understanding that the development and success depend on belief and trust of customers, the ability of the organization to ensure the complete satisfaction of both their expectations and the expectations of society terms of environmental and personnel to ensure healthy and safe working conditions.

Our mission is "Quality guaranteeing security provided by healthy people in a healthy environment."

Our business credo is to be one of leading suppliers of building, reconstruction and testing of electrical, ventilation and air conditioning; Automation of the process; marketing products to them; training in electrical safety.

The management of "AC - DC" recognizes that its customers, state and society require effective measures for continuously improving of product quality, environment and working conditions.  Expenses associated with errors, a product conformity to the relevant standards and regulations, the risks to health and safety, risks to the environment from the materials, raw materials, energy, water, emissions and waste are continually evaluated to identify and apply methods for keeping them within the limits established by regulations and other requirements adopted voluntarily. The management is committed to timely information down these requirements to all staff and all interested parties the organization.

Impact of products, processes and activities of the company on the environment, expressed through consumption of natural resources, the opportunities for emissions of environmentally harmful compounds and danger to life and health is particularly important, so take all measures to improve the quality and reliability of products and services and continuously improve the level and security of the technologies used.

Accepting its responsibility in the construction, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality Management, Environment, health and safety at work, the management of "AC - DC" OOD  declares the following guiding principles:

  • Customer oriented - company's activity depends mainly on customers, so our goal is maximum just to clarify their needs, fulfil their requirements and exceed their expectations. We aware our responsibility and ensure that the processes and activities of the company do not harm the environment and provide the utmost safe and healthy working conditions, through adequate hazard identification, assessment and management of risks;
  • Leadership - Management is aware of its responsibility by example to contribute to the development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the integrated management system for quality, environment, health and safety at work;
  • Involvement of people - Management seeks to ensure unity of purpose in quality, environment, health and safety at work as establish and maintain a working environment in which employees feel engaged and motivated to achieve the same;
  • Processes and systems approach processes for product creation, environmental protection, ensuring the health and safety at work are interrelated and considered and managed as a system, not separately;
  • Continuous improvement  - The main aim of the integrated system through continuous monitoring and surveillance to ensure the prevention of pollution in the environment, reducing the risk of diseases, injuries and accidents in the workplace, and to effectively and efficiently improve the results precision in terms of quality, environmental, health and safety at work, by taking appropriate and effective corrective and preventive measures;
  • Factual approach to decision-making  - The system of internal and external communications, document management and records create opportunities for making decisions based on current data and information;
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships  - The Company and its suppliers are interdependent and all business and commercial relationships with them must be based on honesty, loyalty and mutual benefits, which include, in addition to product quality and provide environmental, health and safety at work;
  • Pollution - in the business of the company is valued aspects in order to reduce environmental impacts while ensuring optimal use of natural resources. Significant environmental aspects are:
    • consumption of fuel, electricity and consumables;
    • waste generation - manufacturing (metal and plastic) and dangerous (fluorescent lamps, oiled waste).
  • Ensuring  health and safety at work - management is required to take measures to prevent injury and ill health to workers and foreign residents located on the premises. In offices, manufacturing facilities or outdoor workplaces the following hazards have been identified:
    • mechanical hazards when using the work equipment;
    • hazards when working with electrical devices and equipment;
    • hazards of electrical activity.
  • Compliance with current legislation  - The company is obliged to comply with applicable legal and other requirements adopted voluntarily in terms of quality, environmental, health and safety at work;

By applying these principles, management is committed to the policy following general objectives, based on specific objectives that will be evaluated annually and updated:

  • Increasing the market share of the company in the supply of electrical, ventilation and air conditioning;
  • Expansion of the production and supply of new products and services with high performance and quality;
  • Creation and development of new directions in engineering activities;
  • Expansion of commercial and industrial base;
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the company's activities and customer satisfaction;
  • Study and compliance with legal standards in terms of quality, environmental, health and safety at work;
  • Preventing the pollution of the environment through
    • reduction of risk of contamination with waste sites and surrounding environment
    • reduction of fuel consumption and emissions of volatile substances in the air,
    • reduce the cost of materials and supplies;
    • Providing a healthy and safe environment for work and its continuous improvement;
    • Motivation and training of staff in relation to quality management, environmental protection, provision of health and safety at work;
    • Prevention of accidents, emergencies and accidents.


Management ensure that those principles are well known to everyone in the company, they have realized their meaning and importance to the company and seek in the performance of their duties of the job to act in accordance with them.

The management of "AC - DC" OOD is committed to supporting effective and efficient management system for quality, environment, health and safety at work as planned and continuously evaluates it, update periodically and take measures to its continuous improvement. It is committed to provide all necessary resources for documentation, maintenance and implementation of the system.


Date: 01.03.2012