Продуктовото портфолио от разходомери на АББ съдържа иновационни продукти,
предназначени за решаване проблеми, увеличаване на печалбите и намаляване на разходите.
Temperature sensors


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Resistance thermometers for building automation, machine building and engineering series SensyTemp TSBA (BA R)

Selector device for measuring temperature - Temperature Measurement Products Selection Assistant

Pressure measurement

Unsurpassed in their expertise and longstanding tradition in the production of pressure transmitters, ABB offers the widest range of products for pressure measurement.

2600T series provides products specifically designed to meet the widest range of applications, ranging from difficult conditions in the oil and gas to applications in the pharmaceutical industry.


- New intuitive HMI to fast commissioning

- Reliable sensor technology

- Easy to install and configure

- Certified to IEC61508 (SIL2 / SIL3 loops)

- An innovative TTG (Through The Glass) technology, allowing users to configure transmitters in the field without opening the front cover of the transmitter, which saves much time.

- Module "in-field replaceable electronics", which through auto configuration significantly improves the functionality of the plant.

- PILD (Plugged impulse line diagnostic) - built modern diagnostic function that detects blockages in the impulse lines.


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Model 261 Series 2600T

Model 268 Series 2600T

Model 364 Series 2600T

Selector device for measuring pressure - Pressure Measurement Products Selector


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Accuracy class:

0.025%, 0.04 %, 0.075 %, 0.1%  (with turndown ratio up to 100:1)


HART / 4 ... 20 mA, PROFIBUS PA,


Control, monitoring and safety Applications (SIL2 / SIL3)