Manfred Jünemann Mess & Regeltechnik GmbH

Manfred Jünemann Mess & Regeltechnik GmbH is a leading producer of instruments for precision, pressure and temperature measurement for applications used in industrial installations that have been renowned for their quality, over the years.

The company is well-oriented towards its proven guide principles which are the basis for an established and long-term successful company at Jünemann GmbH.




Bourdon tube pressure gauges   Diaphragm pressure gauges with alarm contact   Capsule pressure gauges   Differential pressure gauges
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Pressure transmitters and level probes    Chemical seals for pressure gauges and transmitters   Fittings and installation accessories for pressure gauges   Bimetal thermometers
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Gas expansion thermometers   Glass-in-metal machine thermometers   Thermocouples   Resistance thermometers
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Thermometer with digital display   Thermowells for thermometers   Alarm contacts electric and pneumatic   Relays for alarm sensors
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Power supplys / transmitters / channel selectors   Electric indicating instruments   Сertificates →    
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