Design and assembling of electrical panels

Design and assembling of electrical panels

 In accordance with the objectives of the company for full satisfaction of customer needs, sector "Design and assembly of electrical cabinets and automation boards" was established. The company offers complete design, development and assembly of main, interim and end distribution cabinets and control boards for power facilities.

The company is licensed by ABB for assembly of type  - tested approved boards, and is also a certified supplier of GE Healthcare for power boards.

The design is accomplished by highly qualified professionals who possess certificates for design and specification of low voltage type-tested systems - ArTu, IS and etc., using specialized software DMBWin, DOC and ABB block CAD, based on Auto CAD. Boards are assembled with equipment of leading manufacturers, mainly used as cupboards are ABB and Rittal.

Each of the assembled boards has executive documentation, which includes: Certificate for production control, Declaration of conformity and protocols for functional acceptance tests, according the requirements of BDS EN 60 439 - 1: 2002 (EN 60 439 - 1 : 1999).

"AC-DC" OOD assembles and delivers the boards also outside of Bulgaria. Some of the projects, in which the company has participated: "Extension of the system of coke gas in Duisburg Huckingen" of RWE POWER AG, Germany, and power cabinets for the needs of GE Healthcare in Romania and Hungary.