Control Body

The Control Body was established in 2002 and it is one of the first inBulgaria. It is accredited by the Bulgarian Accreditation Agency under number № 27, ACA, by order № 714/08.07.2009 issued by EA BAS according to the requirements of Standard EN ISO / IEC 17020, EA BAS is a party to the EA MLA.

Highly skilled professionals with proven theoretical and practical knowledge as well as modern equipment calibrated in Bulgarian and European laboratories accredited to BS ISO / IEC 17025 is a prerequisite for professional and correct performance of our duties. Control Body type C "AC - DC" OOD. uses modern methods and control procedures of accredited parameters.

Declaration Contract for control
Control request Procedures for complaints and objections
Customers feedback Complaint / Objection form


Scope of accreditation

To implement control of:

  •  Electrical systems and equipment up to and over 1000 V:

          - Circuit impedance "Phase - protective conductor" 

- Safety switches SS

- Insulation resistance

- Protective grounding systems

- Lightning protection systems

- Electric strength of solid dielectrics

- Breakdown voltage of transformer oil

- Resistance

- Power cable lines up to 20 kV

- Power transformers up to 35 kV

- AC motors

- Complete transformation substations with general purpose with voltage up to 20 kV

- Complete switchgear for indoor and outdoor installation with voltage up to 20 kV

- Circuit breaker for high voltage up to 20 kV

  • Electrical protection equipment

- Insulating rods

- Insulated pliers

- Dielectric carpets and rugs

- Gloves

- Dielectric boots and galoshes

- Indexes voltage

  • Physical factors of the work and living environment:

- Illumination

- Microclimate - temperature, relative humidity, air movement

- Noise - Noise equivalent noise level, the daily level of exposure to noise, average weekly exposure level to noise level peak sound pressure

  • Air-conditioning systems; Ventilation systems
  • Dust in the air of working environment
  • Chemical agents in the air of the working environment