Subscription technical maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment

 "AC – DC" OOD offers quality service, maintenance and subscription services for conditioning and fridge equipment.

      We offer subscription maintenance agreement with fixed maintenance visits. If your conditioner needs any repair do not hesitate to contact us - we'll take care of a quality repair of your air conditioner and so we will prolong its life.

We offer the following subscription maintenance agreements:

  3. SERVICE +

You could send you questions about our subscription maintenance agreements HERE


    If you have selected the option BASIC MAINTENANCEyou will be visited twice a year. If you have a plan MAINTENANCE PLUS or SERVICE +, a schedule for four visits per year will be prepared. Do not hesitate to call as. All materials, used during our regular maintenance visits are included in your subscription plan.


What happens, if you have a problem between the visits?


   If you have BASIC MAINTENANCE plan, you will have to pay for the labour at visit, but no transport expenses will be charged. If you have SERVICE + plan, you will not pay any additional labour expenses. All spare parts used will be charged separately.


What happens, if something should be replaced?


   During our maintenance visits we review the whole system. If during this review we establish that there are parts which need to be replaced immediately and if the parts are insignificant and easy accessible, we will replace them. These parts usually cost less than 50 BGN. If there are any main components, which need to be replaced, then we will inform you and will ask for you consent for further repair.


What the advantages of more expensive programs?


    First, programme SERVICE + offers our priority in providing services and you will never be charged for labour. If there ever is any conflict between SERVICE + and BASIC MAINTENANCE, we provide services to SERVICE + with priority. Do not forget that every client with a contract is served with priority to those without any contract. When you join any of our programmes, you leave your equipment in our good and reliable hands.