• LV Equipment: Pre - regulating and protective equipment; frequency converters and soft starters. The company is an official sales representative of ABB, VAMP and trading partner of SIEMENS equipment across the range low voltage
  • Equipment and facilities for MV systems - ABB, SIEMENS
  • Cables for LV and MV systems, communication and cables for data transmission 
  • Cable Accessories for LV and MV cables; band technology Bishop and 3M cold shrink and technology of ABB, RAYCHEM and 3M; cable terminals and sleeves
  • Installation materials ABB KOPOS, KOLIN, Obo Bettermann
  • Lamps and bulbs - OSRAM, PHILIPS, IVELA, BEGELI
  • Control instrumentation for flow, temperature, pressure, analysis of liquids and gases
  • Actuators / control and cut-off valve /
  • Interface modules and devices for control rooms
  • Personal protective dielectric - gloves, boots, rugs, rods, protective clothing, protective masks and goggles, helmets, helmets and more.

The company has retail outlets in the town of Pleven, Troyan, Ruse, Lyaskovetz and central warehouse in the town of Pleven.